Goals, Implementation, Evaluation
Nutrition Education:
Education is provided in the classroom.

Goal Implementation Evaluation:
* Students receive nutrition education that is interactive and teaches the necessary skills they need to adapt good eating habits.
* Nutrition education is offered in the school dining room as well as in the classroom, with coordination between the food service staff and teachers.
* Classroom written or oral tests in nutrition are given to ensure the students are learning about nutrition education and good eating habits.
* Students should have access to very important and useful nutritional information
* Students receive consistent nutrition messages throughout the school, classrooms, and cafeteria. Nutritional information is also sent home for parent review.
* A checklist of nutritional information is available to the students.
* Students will have the opportunity to practice behaviors that enhance good nutrition and healthy choices.
* Provide a variety of healthy meal choices during meal services.
* Review menus and all production records.
Physical Activity:
Physical activities are implemented but not limited to outdoor play, indoor activities, and sports programs. The program shall consist of physical activities that are sufficient to providing good health benefits to students.

Goal Implementation Evaluation:
* Students in grades K-5 receive 150 minutes per week of instructional relevant physical education
* Students are given opportunities for physical activity during the school day through Physical Education (PE) classes.
* Review class schedules and interview school personnel.
* Instruction may be provided through formal physical educational course. We will provide training to enable teachers and other school staff to promote enjoyable, lifelong physical activity among students.
Food and Snack Nutrition Standards
Nutrition Guidelines:
All foods served and sold at this school will meet the following nutrition guidelines.These guidelines also apply to fundraisers and class

* Have no more than 35% of calories from fat per serving
* Have no more than 10% saturated fat
* Contain no trans-fat/hydrogenated fat

Must be a lean protein source, such as fish, chicken, turkey, legumes or beans.

* Contains no more than 35% total weight from sugar excluding fresh SWEETNERS fruits and vegetables.
* Sugar-free snacks are acceptable if fat criteria is met.

* Plain or with spices acceptable
* No candy coated or yogurt coated nuts
* Nuts are exempt from the fat calorie content, as they are high in monounsaturated fat.

* Dried fruit without sugar added
* Whole or cut fruit in refrigerated machines

* Pre-made salads or pre-cut vegetables served with nonfat dressings, Low-fat dressing if made with canola oil, soybean oil or non-hydrogenated fat may be used.
* Canned fruits in juice.

Whole Grains/Legumes:
* Whole grain breads and cereals.
* NOTE: Select whole grain cereals low in sugar content

Vending Machines:
* Vending machines are for church use ONLY, and it will NOT be used by students
* 200 calories or fewer per portioned package
* Consistent with the Dietary Guidelines
* Contributes to developing healthy eating habits
For any questions regarding our Food Program,
please contact Gerson Medina at
or call (407)367-0435